LDC Goes Trayless 7 Days a Week

November 3, 2011

Last year Tuesdays were known as “Trayless Tuesdays” at East Dining Hall. Organized by two of Carleton’s Sustainability Assistants and supported by the CSA Senate, the program encouraged  students to eat their Tuesday meals without using trays. Some students resisted the program, but enough participated that Senate passed a resolution supporting trayless dining seven days a week at LDC for the current academic year.

“Trayless Everyday”  began when Early Arrival students came to campus on August 14th and is now in its 8th week.  Trays are always available for students who want them, but most students seem to be acclimating well to the change. The goal of this program is to reduce food waste by as much as 20% over time.