Upcoming Vending Changes

December 12, 2011

There will be two changes at Carleton vending machines beginning in January. Following a recent request by the Carleton group “Take Back the Tap,” the Carleton Student Association Senate voted last month to remove bottled water from campus vending machines. Similar actions have recently been taken at Macalester College and the College of St. Benedict. See the minutes from the October 24 CSA Senate meeting for more information. Bottled water will continue to be available in the Bookstore and Sayles Café.

The contract for snack vending was renewed in November and calls for a slight price increase for two classes of snacks. Beginning in January, bagged chips will be $1.25 and candy will be $1.10. There have been no price increases on any snack items for the past three years, yet our supplier’s expenses have grown significantly during that period. To avoid having to juggle loose change, purchase snacks with your OneCard whenever possible. Vending machines in Burton, Sayles-Hill, Leighton, and Laird have card readers installed.


  • February 1 2012 at 4:51 pm
    Shannon Schulz
    Is there any way to offer a small selection of more healthy snacks in the vending machines (i.e., baked chips)? Thanks!
  • February 1 2012 at 5:11 pm
    Dan Bergeson, Auxiliary Services


    We make periodic efforts to follow-up on this request/suggestion, but it's difficult to make it stick. In the past month, I've seen trail mix, almonds, baked chips, and pretzels in more than one machine on campus, but there's no guarantee that like will be replaced with like when the machine gets restocked during the next delivery cycle.

     We have a new account rep whom I've not yet met. I'll give it another shot with that individual.

    Thanks for the comment.