MFP Conversion Complete

February 21, 2012

A team from ITS and Campus Services has successfully completed the installation of Carleton's second MFP fleet. In FY2011, the decision was made to replace the Xerox 4051 (B&W) and 7132 (color) devices that had been on campus for 3+ years with the Image Runner Advance C5051 from Canon. The C5051 prints in both B&W and color and accepts up to 11 x 17 originals. These features allow all departments to have color capability and accommodates all materials that anyone wishes to duplicate. Having only one device instead of two means streamlined maintenance for campus technicians.

The original completion target for the removal of the Xerox devices and installation of the Canon machines was July 2012. The team beat the target by six months! This project also required that the fleet of copy card readers used for POS transactions be upgraded to the new IP-C2005 readers. The team anticipates this conversion will be completed by early April 2012.

Thanks to Austin Robinson-Coolidge for leading this effort. Thanks also to Jim Pence, Noel Ponder,Julia Burmesch, Sue Traxler, Krista Herbstrith, and Becky Krogh for their efforts as well.