Student Health Insurance



Deadline:  Please complete ONLINE by August 15th, 2017, or the NON-REFUNDABLE premium of $1,473.00 will be automatically added to your Fall Term tuition bill.

Please consider these important issues when choosing to Opt-In or Waive:

  • Health service beyond general diagnosis and treatment of minor illness or accident provided by Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is not included in the comprehensive fee of the College. Specifically, all labs, x-rays, most pharmaceuticals, office visits and specialist referrals at the local health clinics or hospital are billed to your insurance company.
  • Many home-based HMO plans do not provide adequate coverage outside of your home area.  In addition, if you are considering study abroad options, you may not be covered under your current policy. 
  • The College strongly recommends that families, prior to declining participation in Carleton's Student Health Plan, review their health insurance policies to ensure that their coverage provides equal or better benefits and that they are covered in the Northfield, MN area.

How does my Personal Health Insurance Plan cover me in Northfield?

2017-2018 Student Health Insurance Booklet
2017-2018 Summary of Benefits
2017-2018 Claim Form
2017-2018 Glossary of Health Coverage & Medical Terms
2017-2018 On-Call International Information
2017-2018 Preventive Services Fact Sheet

In order to ensure students have access to healthcare at all times, Carleton College requires all enrolled students to carry health insurance.  If you do not have health insurance, Carleton expects that you will Opt-In to Carleton's Student Health Plan through Companion Life as Policy Form: BSHP-POL.  Coverage is from August 15, 2017 through August 15, 2018 at a cost of $1,473.00. If you have health insurance, you may waive/decline coverage in Carleton's Student Health Plan.

ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OR EXCHANGE VISITORS who will attend Carleton College on F, J, or other visa status MUST OPT-IN AND PURCHASE Carleton's Student Health Plan.

Please go to the Collegiate Insurance Resources website between June 1, 2017 and August 15, 2017.
   Note: You need your Carleton username and student ID (located on the back of your Schiller/OneCard) to log into the insurance website.

If you are currently covered under a health insurance plan and do not desire additional coverage, you MUST waive/decline coverage in Carleton's Student Insurance Plan.  Please click on the "Health Insurance Opt-In/Waive" tab and choose "On-Line Waiver".  Continue onto the next page and have your insurance card/information available to complete the insurance waive/decline process.

  • Before you decline coverage, review your current insurance plan to make sure you are covered while at Carleton.
  • If you are going to participate in Varsity Athletics you must have $90,000 (minimum) in athletic injury insurance.  Please see Athletic Insurance information.
  • Bring a copy of your current health insurance card to Carleton for reference when you utilize health care services.

If you DO NOT have health insurance coverage you MUST Opt-In to Carleton's Student Health Plan.  Click on the “Health Insurance Opt-In/Waive” tab and choose “Confirm Opt-In”.  The website will guide you through the steps to confirm your enrollment.  The premium of $1,473.00 will be billed to your Carleton student account.  

  • Do not forget to print your ID card at the end of the Opt-In process. Bring your ID card to Carleton for reference when you need to utilize health care services.
  • If you need financial assistance with the Opt-In cost, please contact Student Financial Services at (507) 222-4138.
  • If you are an International Student and need assistance, please contact the Office of Intercultural & International Life (OIIL) at (507) 222-4451. 

Parents/Guardians: Discuss your health insurance plan with your child so they understand customary fees and procedures expected at the time of care.

Athletic Insurance (Varsity, intramural or club sports)

Every student athlete participating in intercollegiate or club sports at Carleton College MUST be covered under a health insurance policy that will cover sports related injuries.

  • The NCAA requires varsity athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to carry athletic injury insurance of at least $90,000. Check with your current health insurance company to make sure you have the required $90,000 coverage for athletic injuries.
  • Varsity athletes who do not have athletic injury insurance of at least $90,000 MUST purchase Carleton's Student Health Plan, which meets the NCAA requirements.


If you have additional questions about the plan, contact Collegiate Insurance Resources online or at their toll free number 1-800-322-9901.

Student Account Contact Information:
Candace Koen
Student Accounting Manager
(507) 222-4165