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Payroll Earnings History

In our continuing pursuit of “green” initiatives at Carleton, all faculty, staff and student employees access their payroll and leave information from anywhere they have internet access.

All employee Payroll Earnings History statements are distributed electronically. These documents are delivered through Carleton’s secure internet portal, the Hub. Historical documents, for the previous three years, are also available.

On each pay date, employees will receive an e-mail message from the payroll office with a link to the Hub. At the site, you will log in with your Carleton User ID and Password. Select Payroll Earnings History. Choose the pay period you wish to review. Please remember that your Carleton password should always be kept confidential.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Payroll Office:

  • Shari Mayer at or x4022
  • Jennifer Paulson at or x4283

If you have questions about your Carleton User ID and Password, please contact the Help Desk at or x5999.

Web Time Entry

Carleton College bi-weekly employees enter time and submit hours worked for supervisor approval using a web-based process called Web Time Entry (WTE).

Entering Time Worked

  • It is critical to enter your time on a daily basis.
  • Log onto the Hub using your Carleton User ID and password.
  • Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select "Report Time Worked" to access your time sheet.
  • Click on the box in the “Choose Only One” column to choose the pay period for which you want to enter time and then click “Submit.”
    • NOTE: At the end of one pay period and the beginning of the next pay period you will see two choices of pay periods. Please note the dates and pick the one for which you will be entering time for.
  • Enter the time you start and stop working each day. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button. Your total hours worked will be calculated for you (including overtime).
    • Report your time in digital format HH:MM AM or PM format (example: 07:30AM, 12:00PM)
    • If you need more than two lines for a day, insert another line by clicking on the "Insert Line" box on the right of the screen
    • If you work more than five hours in a day, you are required to take a minimum 30 minute unpaid lunch break.  Record your time out and time in using the same digital format HH:MM AM or PM.
  • After completing your daily time entry, click “Submit.”
  • At the end of the pay period, once you have completed all of your entries, click on the box near the bottom where it says “Checking this box becomes your electronic signature….” Then click “Submit.”
    • Web Time Entry timesheets must be submitted for supervisor approval by Noon on Mondays following the pay period end date (see Payroll Calendar).
    • Submitting your electronic signature will advance your time sheet to your supervisor for review and approval. If your supervisor makes changes to your time sheet, you will receive an automated email notification of those changes.

Entering Leaves

  • Report vacation hours under “Annual Leave.”
  • Report sick hours and other sick hours (i.e. spouse or adult child) under “Sick.”
  • Report all other leaves under “Other Time Hours” and select the “Other Time Types” from the drop down list. Examples are:
    • Civic Duty
    • Floating Holiday
    • Funeral Leave – Family (used for Immediate and Extended Family)
    • Funeral Leave – Other
    • College Holiday Worked
    • College Holiday Not Worked
    • Union call back
    • Workers Compensation (must be approved by HR prior to reporting)
    • FMLA- Family Medical Leave Act (must be approved by HR prior to reporting)

Your accrued leave balances are listed at the top of the WTE screen. Only Annual Leave; Sick and Floating Holiday accrue positive balance. Other negative balances do not apply.

E-mail your supervisor to document details for sick or funeral as needed.

Web Time Entry Tutorials

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions