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Regular Student Employment positions are paid on an hourly basis at a rate of $10.75/hour for actual hours worked and reported via Student Web Time Entry on The Hub.  

Bi-weekly student workers enter and submit hours worked for supervisor approval using a web-based process called Web Time Entry (WTE). Instructions for reviewing and approving employee time follow:

  • Go to The Hub and enter your Carleton User ID and password. Under the section labeled “Time Entry and Approval,” select “Time Approval (for supervisors)” to access employee time sheets.
  • The “Review Entry” column box is automatically checked for employees who have time entered for approval. Total hours worked is in the far right column, you should review the detailed “Time Entry” screen in order to verify total hours worked and leave hours taken for the pay period. The detailed “Time Entry” screen will display for each employee record checked. If you want to review only one employee “Time Entry” screen you will need to click off the “Review Entry” box for all but the one employee you wish to review. Click “Submit” to move to the detail screen.
  • To review detail time in and time out data, click on the box above the supervisor authorization section.
    • A supervisor has the authority to change times entered by an employee. We strongly suggest that you discuss changes directly with your employee, and/or provide a comment in the “Supervisor Comments” box. Your employee will always receive a message that you have changed their time.
  • To approve a timesheet, choose “Approve” in the “Supervisor Decision” drop down box, and click on “Submit.” 
    • Please note, if you encounter this message: "To unapprove an employee's time, you must access the employee's time card."  Verify on the "Time Approval (for supervisors)" form, the "Approve" check box is checked.  The "Review Entry" box should also be checked if you want to reject a formerly approved time card.  After checking the correct boxes, then click on submit to get to the detail form.  This message may also be received when trying to approve or review an employee when another employee has had the "Approve" box unchecked. So if you checked the approve box, but it still isn't working, verify that it is not unchecked on alternate supervisor's list.
  • Rejecting a time sheet starts the approval process over for both the employee and supervisor. If the approval deadline is near, we recommend you change and approve the time as needed vs. rejecting the time because once the student cut-off time has passed they will no longer have access to add hours or make changes and a timecard cannot remain in rejected status.  Anytime a change is made to an employee's WTE, please keep an email or record of the conversation for documentation purposes.  You can use the “Supervisor Comments” box to provide an e-mail explanation for your changes. If you reject the timesheet, you must enter text in the “E-mail Subject” box and/or in the “Supervisor Comments” box. Text in these boxes will be sent to the employee by e-mail.  Use the “Supervisor Comments” box to provide an e-mail explanation for your changes. If you reject the timesheet, you must enter text in the “E-mail Subject” box and/or in the “Supervisor Comments” box. Text in these boxes will be sent to the employee by e-mail.


  • Employees must enter their time by Noon on the Monday following the end of the pay period. You will get an e-mail reminder when it’s time to approve your employees’ time sheets.  Student supervisors have until Noon on Tuesday to approve WTE. You can review time sheets from any where you have access to the internet.
  • At any time during the payroll period you can review and edit the timesheet of any employee for which you are listed as the supervisor or alternate supervisor. The employee will receive an e-mail message indicating that you have changed their time.
  • Every employee will have two supervisors listed in the system – a supervisor and an alternate. Either or both supervisors may review, edit, approve or reject a timesheet.
  • Late timesheets are only required after the supervisor cut-off time has passed or for a previously missed payroll.  Have the student stop by the Business Office (lower level of Leighton Hall) to pick up a Late Timesheet, fill it out and return it to you for approval.  It is the supervisor's responsibility to return the Late Timesheet to Payroll.

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    Any questions or concerns, please contact:

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