International Travel Record

Faculty and staff traveling internationally on College business, not related to Off-Campus Studies programs, are required to complete the International Travel Record form in order to ensure adequate insurance coverage has been provided for the duration of their trip.

The following programs have been registered (no additional action is required if your program is listed here):

  • OCS Cambridge
  • OCS Madrid
  • OCS Prague
  • OCS South Pacific
  • OCS Tasmania
  • OCS India (sustainable energy)
  • OCS India (globalization)
  • OCS Europe
  • OCS Senegal
  • OCS London
  • OCS Paris
  • OCS Japan
  • OCS Italy
  • OCS Russia
  • OCS India
  • OCS Bodh Gaya (Global Engagement)
  • OCS Cameroon (Global Engagement)
  • OCS Europe (Global Engagement)

If your trip is not listed here please complete this form to record your international travel. You will be able to update the form once you have booked your flight or as changes to your travel plan occur.

Level 4 travel advisory locations may require additional information in order to obtain insurance coverage.

Flights for students need to be rostered with CISI to ensure insurance coverage. Please contact the Risk Manager.

This form is designed to accommodate changing locations. Please add an additional leg for each change in country.

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