Staff Support

The Business Office is located in the lower level of Leighton Hall.

Service Provided Who to Contact Phone Number
Accounts Payable Melissa Smith 507-222-7664
Accounts Receivable Debra Fawcett 507-222-4179
Budget Inquiries Kara Lloyd 507-222-5934
Carleton Purchasing Card Amy Swenson 507-222-5509
Department Deposits Wanita Parker 507-222-7095
Endowment Funds Linda Thornton 507-222-4171
Faculty Development Accounts Kara Lloyd 507-222-5934
Faculty Grants and Awards Susan Benson 507-222-5990
Financial Reporting Linda Thornton 507-222-4171
Insurance & Risk Management Randie Johnson 507-222-4178
International Guests Shari Mayer 507-222-4022
Payroll Jennifer Paulson 507-222-4283
Purchase Orders
Journal Entries
Randie Johnson
Karl Symons
Student Accounts Candace Koen 507-222-4165