IRS Form 1098-T

IRS Form 1098-T

Carleton College is required to file IRS Form 1098-T with the Internal Revenue Service for all students for whom it received qualified tuition payments. 

The IRS Form 1098-T is informational only and should not be considered tax advice.

For more information, see IRS publication 970: Tax Benefits for Higher Education

Education Credits:  Questions and Answers from the IRS web site.

The Business Office will notify eligible students in January when IRS Form 1098-T statements are available on the Hub.  At that time, students can download and print a copy of their IRS Form 1098-T.  In many cases a parent(s) or guardian(s) claiming you as a dependent on their tax return will need a copy of this form. 

NOTE:  Proxy Access does not include IRS Form 1098-T

Forms should be printed with black ink on white paper to ensure clarity and compliance with IRS requirements.  Secure your printed documents immediately and protect your user ID and password at all times. 

Our goal is to support all students with electronic delivery.  Electronic delivery is the most secure way to receive your materials.  It supports institutional sustainability initiatives, enhances the timeliness of reporting, improves convenience for students, eliminating lost forms and requests for duplicate forms, and eliminates costs associated with mailing forms.  This is an initiative in which we hope our entire student community will choose to participate.

ELECTRONIC CONSENT:  Students log into the Hub, select 1098-T Electronic Consent from the Taxes section, read and select the consent option you would like, and select submit. 

NOTE:  Students can remove their 1098-T electronic consent at any time on the Hub.

Students who choose to withhold their electronic consent will receive a paper IRS Form 1098-T mailed to their home address or the address that is on file with the Registrar no later than January 31st each year they are eligible to receive the form.

Student Account Contact Information:

Candace Koen
Student Accounting Manager
(507) 222-4165

Debra Fawcett
Accounts Receivable Manager
(507) 222 4179