Parent/Guest Access

Parent/Guest Access allows students to set up Hub guest accounts for parents, guardians, or other guests. This access allows parent/guest access to student records at Carleton. Students choose from four levels of access, all of which include the option "Make a Payment," which is listed on the "Grant Hub Access for Parent/Guest" menu.

Activation is simple: Students go to the Hub, click on "Grant Hub Access for Parent/Guest", activate up to three guest accounts, and click SUBMIT. Students will receive a confirmation email with instructions for guest access. Students can forward the email to their guests. Students must then call their guests to give them the password that was created. For security reasons we recommend that the password and user ID be communicated separately.

Parent/Guest Access is STUDENT CONTROLLED. Guests will need to contact their student with any questions. Students who need technical support should contact Carleton's helpdesk at (507) 222-5999 or Students with questions about the information shown on The Hub, should follow the contact guidelines at the bottom of The Hub page.