Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my miscellaneous charges now on my tuition account?
In June of 2012 the Business Office combined the tuition account and the miscellaneous accounts into one account. The name of the combined account is the "Student Account". This means that all charges will be added to the Student Account, including tuition, room, board, CSA activity fee, music lessons, art material fees, library fines, Health and Counseling bills, parking registration, parking violations and various other fees.

How can I find out if I have a Student Account hold on my registration?
Log on to the Hub and navigate to Students>Registration>Am I Registration Ready

How Can Payments be made to Carleton College?

Student Account Payment Options

Online Payments:
Online payment is the preferred form of payment.  Payments can be made electronically through the Hub. The Hub is a secure student payment portal that confirms the balance due on the student account. Students are able to enter their US domestic bank routing number (found in the lower left corner of personal check, usually 9 numbers) and account number (the set of numbers that follow the routing number) for an automatic clearing house ACH payment.

Check Payments:
Mail check and 529 Savings Plan payments to the address listed below.  Please include the student's ID# and/or full name on the check.

Carleton College
Business Office
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

The Business Office, located in the lower level of Leighton Hall, accepts cash and/or check payments during cashier hours (M-F 10:00am-2:00pm).

Wire Transfer Payments:
Domestic and International wire transfers, please contact Debra Fawcett or Candace Koen.

Debra Fawcett


Candace Koen

Does Carleton accept credit or debit card payments?
No, although payments can be made by credit card through the TuitionPay, monthly payment plan.  Additional TuitionPay fees will apply.


Who do I contact if I want to enroll in the monthly payment Plan?


What happens to my $300 enrollment deposit payment?
All enrolling students are required to pay and maintain an enrollment deposit of $300, which functions as a confirming admissions deposit.  The continuing enrollment deposit portion is $250.  The $250 will be returned upon graduation from the College.  Unpaid student account obligations may be applied against this deposit at the time of withdrawal or graduation.  Students who withdraw from the college forfeit the enrollment deposit.  Students who are readmitted to the college will have their enrollment deposit reinstated at the time of readmission provided it has not been used to cover unpaid fees.

The remaining $50 is a lifetime transcript fee allowing students to request college transcripts from the 0Registrar's Office without additional cost.

Note: The $250.00 payment is not a payment towards tuition.

How will I be notified regarding my student account term due dates?
Students will get a notification by Carleton e-mail several weeks before the due date. The student logs into the main menu of the Hub to find the student account statement and can view, print, or download the statement. The downloaded statement can be e-mailed to the person making the payments.

Note: Email notices are sent each term to students after charges are applied to their student accounts and are available for viewing on the HUB.

Where are my music lessons billed and when are they due?
Music lesson charges are billed to the student account during the 5th week of the term. Music lesson charges are due 3 weeks after they are billed.

Where do I get verification of my Carleton student enrollment for my family health insurance, outside scholarship, or legal documents?
Students can log into The Hub and click on Enrollment Verifications, etc.

Where can I find copies of my prior year student account statements?
The link for your current and prior year student account statements is on the main menu of the HUB.

Where can I get a copy of my 1098-T form?
You can go to to locate a copy of your 1098-T form.

Where can I get a copy of my student W-2 form?
The link for your W-2 form is on the main menu of the HUB.

Can my student work earnings be applied to my student account to pay for part of my tuition and fees?
Yes, students can complete the Student Payroll Tuition Authorization Form to apply work earnings towards their student account.

Work earnings will be credited as a line item ("Payroll Deduction") on your student account every two weeks, as you work the hours during the term.  Students must work before earnings can be applied to their student account.  The percent of your allowed term work earnings, according to your Financial Aid Award, that you wish to apply to your student account, can be subtracted from the balance owing for the term.

Students can change the percentage of work earnings that goes toward their student account by completing the Student Payroll Tuition Authorization Form.

For any other questions, please contact:

Debra Fawcett
(507) 222-4179

Candace Koen
(507) 222-4165