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Quantitative Reasoning

CALL: Collaborative Assessment for Liberal Learning
April 7-8, 2006 Conference
Northfield, MN

Inter-Institutional Team Report

Report from the Inter-Institutional Team on Quantitative Reasoning

Regarding an inter-institutional operational definition of the learning outcome you are examining: (i.e. A student who is proficient in [this outcome] does the following things fairly well and with reasonable consistency in educational activities and assignments.):

What have you agreed on?

  • Recognition of ubiquity of numbers questions
  • Willingness to seek numbers
  • Ability to find relevant data or identify appropriate techniques
  • Attention to problems of interpretation and language
  • Ability to draw reasonable conclusions

  • CLA
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Entry-, mid-, exit-level “tests”
  • Convocation with short paper

What haven’t you agreed on? What’s still up in the air?
At this point, nothing really.

Is there anything you’ve agreed you are not going to agree on?

What next? What do you need to continue your work?
Macalester is holding a QR workshop on Tuesday, May 16. Emphasis on assessment. Hope to get people from other consortium schools to participate.

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