Event Promotion


All Campus Email

The All Campus Email is a bi-weekly email that goes out to every Carleton student on campus late Sunday and Wednesday nights. It includes information about events on campus. Submissions are due at 9:00 p.m. on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Visit the all campus guidelines and to send an announcement to promote your event, log-in, create a new topic and click post.


Hang a banner up to four feet long so people can read about your event while snacking or studying in Sayles Great Space. Reserve your banner online and review the full list of guidelines. 

Banner paper and paint are provided in the Student Activities Office; to create your banner, come into the Student Activities Office. Be sure to include your event name, place, and time!

Digital Signage

This is a new marketing tool available!  Digital signs are available in various public locations throughout the campus.  Create a short, 10-second ad that displays the date, location, time, and a short description of the event.  Be sure that this information is clear and concise.  Submission guidelines can be found on the digital signage website

Events Calendar

For student groups with websites, post your events on the campus calendar.  For groups that do not have a website, email sao@carleton.edu with the event details. We can assist you in promoting your event on the calendar.

Facebook Event

Have a Facebook? Don’t most people? Set up a Facebook event and invite everyone you know at Carleton. Post pictures, have people comment, and watch everyone RSVP! For registered student organizations without a facebook page, contact us at sao@carleton.edu and we can assist in posting the event on our page.


To request advertising airtime on KRLX, please contact the manager at extension x4102.


The NNB (Noon News Bulletin) is a paper bulletin that is available now every Wednesday and Friday in both dining halls (Burton & LDC), Sayles and the Student Activities Office. It has information about Events, Lost and Found items, Ride Share, Housing and things being sold.

Submit to the NNB online or download the most recent publication on the Student Activities website.


A poster should include the date and time of your event and a short description. Funny pictures and puns are encouraged, so brush up on Photoshop skills and your sense of humor to grab people’s attention!  Be sure to use clear fonts and contrasting colors. View the posting policy for more specifics prior to posting.

Posters can be printed (in black & white or color!) by Print Services for a small fee.  

Student Group Listservs

Don’t forget to send an email out to your student groups and tell members about your event! You need to be an admin of the listserv or added by another admin. Check out your listservs online.


Set up a table in Sayles and have people available to talk up your event! Table guidelines and reservations can be found online. It is a good idea to bring candy or goodies to lure people to your table! There is banner paper available in the Student Activities Office if you'd like to promote your cause at your table.

The Carletonian

Buy advertising space in The Carletonian. Email Carletonian@carleton.edu for current rates.

The Carleton Weekly

Have an event relevant to FACULTY & STAFF you’d like to advertise? Highlight your event in the Carleton Weekly. This electronic newsletter is sent out to faculty and staff every Monday and submissions are due at the end of the day on Wednesday.