Student Travel

Student Travel Overview

Students wishing to travel off-campus and utilize college resources are required to follow certain policies and procedures. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate all risk associated with travel, we can assist with making your time away from campus as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. With that in mind, below are the steps involved in planning off-campus travel.

Planning a Trip

  1. Discuss your trip with your student group. Plan at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Ensure you have secured funding for your travel plans. Information regarding possible funding resources are available through the Carleton Student Association and the Dean of Students Office.
  3. Designate a Trip Leader. The Trip Leader is responsible for ensuring their group follows all policies and procedures and communicates with the Student Activities Office pre/post departure.
  4. The Trip Leader should complete this form well in advance. All students traveling should complete the Student Travel Waiver form.
  5. The Student Activities Office will contact the Trip Leader (typically within 2 business days) to discuss travel logistics and provide assistance as needed. Please start this process well in advance to ensure availability of resources and best possible rates (i.e., fleet vehicle availability, hotel, airfare, etc.).
  6. If travel is approved, the Trip Leader is responsible for informing all participants to complete the Release & Waiver Form below. Please note this form is required at least 3 business days prior to departure and is necessary regardless of distance traveled or mode of transportation (e.g., personal vehicle, bus, shuttle, campus vehicle, friend's car, taxi, etc.)

Note: Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Trip Leader and all students traveling to make safe and informed decisions regarding traveling during inclement weather. Staff members in the Student Activities Office are available to assist students in making weather related decisions and finding alternative modes of transportation when possible. Additionally, the College reserves the right to cancel college-sponsored, off-campus travel at any time. In the event of an emergency during your trip, this form will allow the College to legally contact a family member of your choosing on your behalf. If a student participant is under the age of 18, the form should be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Travel Reimbursement

More information regarding travel reimbursement is available on the Carleton Student Association website. Students will not be reimbursed for travel expenses unless authorized by the Student Activities Office in advance.  

Reading Days/Finals

Student trips are not generally approved after the last day of classes, including Reading Days, and Finals.