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Student Leadership, Involvement Resources & Grants


For ideas or questions regarding leadership grants, resources, and conferences, please contact Noah Laack-Veeder, ( the Leadership Development Program Assistant on the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB).



The College, through the Division of Student Life, makes available funds for leadership and involvement opportunities for students.

These funds are meant to assist students interested in acquiring practical experience as a foundation for making positive change at Carleton College, specifically for a group of students. However, in the instance that the grant provides an individual with a personal learning experience, that individual must focus efforts on gaining knowledge that can and will be re-transmitted for the betterment and edification of the broader Carleton Community for positive change.

Leadership and involvement grants may also be used to aid in the funding of workshops or speakers at Carleton that will provide multiple students with knowledge and experience that will be applied to a student organization or initiative. The average grant size awarded is $250 per student making the request.

The following should be considered when applying for the leadership and involvement grant:

  • Only currently enrolled Carleton students who are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for and utilize the leadership and involvement grant.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate specifically how the experience will benefit the campus community and submit a detailed program plan for sharing information with others upon their return to campus.
  • It is strongly encouraged that students meet in advance with one of the designated staff members (Julie Thornton, Associate Dean of Students or Noah Laack-Veeder, SAO Program Assistant for Leadership Development) to discuss the grant application prior to submission.
  • To insure full consideration, grant applications must be completed and submitted online a minimum of three weeks prior to the activity for which funding is requested.
  • An individual student or student group will be awarded a grant only once during a one-year period.

The online application includes:

  • General information regarding the program/activity: title of the conference/workshop/speaker, date, location, description of the activity, program schedule (if available).
  • Rationale for attending: description of the skills, experience, and knowledge that will be acquired; how and why can positive change be made at Carleton as a result of attending.
  • A specific and detailed itemized budget for proposed activity including all related expenses.
  • Plans for how you will fund the rest of your expenses.
  • A detailed program plan for sharing your experience with the Carleton community.
  • Total cost for proposed program/activity that you will initiate after attending the funded activity.

Please note:

Recipients of the grant are expected to meet with the designated staff within one week of the funded activity in order to best plan the campus initiative.

Recipients of leadership and involvement grants are responsible for applicable federal, state, and local taxes. Receipts must be turned into the Student Activities Office after the conclusion of the funded activity and an online evaluation form needs to be completed. It takes a minimum of two weeks for reimbursement. Receipts not submitted within 60 days will not be reimbursed.

The offices of Dean of the College, President, Vice President/Treasurer and the Carleton Student Association all have funding to support various student initiatives. Each source has a different application process. In most situations, students applying for one fund would not be eligible to receive funds from another.

Checklist for the Grant Application Process:

  1. Read all of the grant information.  Look at the grant application.
  2. Meet with the SAO Program Assistant for Leadership Development.
  3. Submit the grant application at least three weeks prior to the proposed activity.
  4. After receiving a response to your application (this should happen within one week), meet with the SAO Program Assistant for Leadership Development to discuss finances and the specific logistics of your activity.
  5. If prepaying is necessary, work with Jessica in the SAO.
  6. Go to the proposed conference or host the proposed event.
  7. Upon return, fill out an evaluation form.
  8. Meet with SAO Program Assistant for Leadership Development to discuss program plan.
  9. If applicable, fill out the green reimbursement found in the SAO.
  10. Start making positive change!

Past Initiative Recipients of the Student Life Leadership and Involvement Grant

  • International Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Anti-racism Conference, St. Paul, MN
  • National Association for Campus Activities Conference, Boston, MA
  • Midwest Service Leaders Conference, Milwaukee, WI
  • Midwest Real Food Conference, Chicago, IL
  • Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Farming Conference, LaCrosse, WI
  • Engineers without Borders International Conference, Louisville, KY
  • Haiti Humans Rights Week, Carleton College
  • Effective Responsible Investment Committees Workshop, NYU
  • Chicago Freedom School's Rev Up Training, Chicago, IL
  • Creating Change: LGBT Equality Conference, Minneapolis, MN
  • Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Conference, New York City
  • Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, New York City
  • UN Climate Change Negotiations, Durban, South Africa

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