Chaplain's Associate (Student Work) Positions

January 2019


I encourage you to apply for a Chaplain’s Associate (CA) position next year.   The CAs are a vital part of the team working to enhance religious diversity and to deepen spiritual and ethical life on the Carleton campus.  For more information, please review the job description on this page.  For further information about the role of peer leaders and similar positions, please see the Peer Leader website.

To apply, please send me your current resume and a cover letter that describes:

1) What has been your previous involvement with the Chaplain's Office, if any, and what inspired you to apply for the CA role?

2) What excites you most about being a Chaplain's Associate?  Are there particular ideas you have about what you hope to do in the position?

3) What leadership skills do you bring to the position and how do you hope to grow personally or professionally by working here?

The CA applications are on the same timeline as most of the other Peer Leader applications.  If you are going to be off campus this spring, applications are due on March 5th.  Otherwise, applications are due on April 8th.  Then we will set up interviews and let you know by April 24th

Thank you for your interest in the position.  If you have any questions about the position, please be in touch with me.  I look forward to being in conversation with you about it!

All the best,

Carolyn Fure-Slocum

College Chaplain