Chapel Newsletter Editorial

C H A P E L   N E W S

FALL 2015



Building for the Future on a Strong Foundation

This summer, the Chapel has been undergoing major renovations, including adding air conditioning and a Muslim foot washing station, updating some of the basement rooms for different needs, revamping the heating and ventilation, and putting in new sound, projection, and lighting systems. As the college grows, the Chapel must change to best serve current and future students as the spiritual center of our diverse community.

But during construction, it has been fascinating to see the literal foundation upon which we are building.  Ninety-nine years ago (the Chapel’s centennial will be next fall), the skilled stone and wood workers were attentive to detail, strength, and ambiance.  Without the aid of computers or sound and light monitors, they created a magnificent and lasting building.  And with the aid of computers and monitors, a new generation of craftspeople are now correcting a few problems and restoring the Chapel’s beauty for the future.

Each of us builds on our past.  We all seek to correct “problems in our foundation” and further develop the many gifts we have been given.  We hope you can join us at some of the many events and services listed inside as we seek this growth and change in ourselves and in our communities.  In the first two weeks of the term, watch for notices of different event locations—then after the Chapel’s reopening on Sept 25th, please come explore your own place in the world in this beautiful building!

In faith and love,

Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Chaplain