Dacie Moses Award

Dacie 77Dacie Moses lived much of her life at 110 Union Street, right next door to Carleton’s campus. She was involved with Carleton for 75 years, including 50 years as an employee of the College. For the last 25 years of her life, until her death in January 1981, her home was open to students 24 hours a day. At Dacie’s students enjoyed coffee, cribbage and cookies, but mostly found warmth, generosity, openness, hospitality, humor and acceptance.

Dacie helped others through various crises even while overcoming her own problems, often at the expense of her privacy and grocery bill. Although she lived to be 97, she counted the length of her life in friends and not years. Her generous lifestyle — not dependent on wealth, health, power or position — inspired students and friends of all ages.

The Dacie Moses Award was established in 1981. Each year, the Alumni Association presents the Dacie Moses Award to the senior or seniors who best exemplify the characteristics of Dacie. To nominate someone, please fill out the nomination form by Friday of the second week of spring term. 

Include in each nomination:

  • The names of two (but please, no more) other persons at Carleton, including at least one student and one faculty/staff member, whom you could ask to write in support of your candidate, and
  • A short statement of your own reasons as to why your nominee would be an appropriate recipient.

Award Recipients

2019  Madeline Amanda Egan, Zene Sprout Finch and Diana Oleksandrivna Tyutyunnyk
2018  Nina Muller
2017  Julie Zhou
2016  Vivian Do
2015  Lindsay Turchan
2014  Erica Rachel Lobel and Isaama Marian Stoll
2013  Margaret Elizabeth Tuta
2012  Jacob Canfield
2011  Kelly Marie Thomas
2010  Sarah Nicole Forzley
2009  Christoph B. Terwitte
2008  Robert Keegan Thomas
2007  Lori Anna Halvorson
2006  Wendy Mila Sepponen
2005  Katie Thompson Newell
2004  Sara Renee McIntyre
2003  Suzanne Marie Schaffer
2002  Rebecca Diane Hurwitz
2001  Peter Andrew McAuliffe
2000  Katherine Hester Elderkin
1999  Jaynie Leung
1998  Elena Ann Contreras
1997  Nicole M. Loinaz
1996  Leah von Reyn
1995  Linda Katherine Jesdale
1993  Eithne-Marie Noelle Barton
1992  Elisabeth Ann Gilbert and Elizabeth Elliott Schuster
1991  Dawn Reckinger and Sarah Catherine Maier
1990  Maria Consuelo Farmer
1989  Jennifer A. Bonner (posthumously)
1987  Eden Toshiko Inoway
1986  Christine Marie Ruggle and Patricia Marie Shanahan
1985  Karen Elizabeth Hopkins
1984  Douglas Arthur Bridge and Thomas Edward LaTourrette
1983  Janet Carol Larsen, Gretchen Marguerite Revie and Jane Katharine Woodwell
1982  Kathleen Stella Falkowski and John Wright Sither
1981  Kimberly Ann Jones and Bonnie Jean Rohr