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Click the links at the bottom of the page to view a pair of video documentaries about the Dacie Moses House.

Garrison Keillor did a radio show at Dacie's House, "A Night Out With Garrison Keillor," which was recorded on Nov. 17, 2001 and features singing by Rich Dworsky, Pat Donohue and the Carleton Knightingales and Knights. The piano played by Rich Dworsky is Dacie's 1893 McPhail which she left in her will to Glenn Lee '78 but Glenn has generously left on loan at Dacie's House for students to use. Length 1 hr 28 min 50 sec.

Here is a waltz in honor of Dacie's House by Tom Moore '76, written in 1981 (pdf file).

An oral history paper by Sherri Briller '89 documents the culture and history of the Dacie Moses House (.pdf file of about 1.1MB).

  • A placard image for media work Brunch at Dacie's 2009
    Created 21 January 2009; Published 17 November 2015
    Brunch at Dacie's 2009

    Dacie Moses 127th Birthday celebration is documented in this video by Chisa Hughes '12.

  • A placard image for media work 1980 KSTP feature on Dacie and her house
    Published 17 November 2015
    1980 KSTP feature on Dacie and her house

    Watch a video interview with Dacie! KSTP TV in St. Paul ran this video in 1980.

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