Celebrating Dacie Moses’ Birthday and Remembering Dixon Bond

January 16, 2015 at 4:07 pm

On Sunday, Jan. 25 from 10 am to 12:30 p.m., the public is invited to celebrate the 132nd birthday of Dacie Moses—and pay tribute to the memory and legacy of Carleton alumnus and Northfield City Council member Dixon Bond.

Everyone is invited to enjoy a morning of great food and music by the Carleton Singing Knights, the Knightingales, and other musical guests. Lots of treats will be served, and attendees are encouraged to bring goodies to share. Birthday gifts—such as baking equipment, kitchen supplies, or baking supplies—are also appreciated.

Dacie Moses, a staff member at Carleton from 1919 until 1969, was known for inviting students to her house for cookies and conversation. In her will following her death in 1981, she donated her house to the College, which remains a popular gathering space on campus. Whether to bake cookies (left for all to enjoy), share brunch, or listen to one of the a capella groups practicing there, the Dacie Moses House provides a “home away from home” for many.

Moses also had a special fondness for singing groups (her husband was a member of the Northfield Male Chorus) and in 1955, she invited the newly founded Carleton men’s a capella group, the CarleTunes (who later became the Carleton Singing Knights), to use her house to practice. Over thirty years later, The Knights—as well as other a capella groups including their female counterpart, The Knightingales—still use the house to practice.

Dixon Bond, a member of the Carleton Class of 1959, was one of the founding members of the CarleTunes as a freshman in the fall of 1955. Bond, who passed away in June 2014, was also a dedicated arts administrator and long-time Northfield City Council member. Among his many accomplishments, Bond spearheaded the construction of St. Paul’s Ordway Music Theater, later serving as its president and chief operating officer. He also worked with Green Giant, Carleton College, the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts, the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre and Pillsbury Center.

In Northfield, Bond served on the City Council, planning commission, hospital board, Laura Baker Services Association board, and was president of the Northfield Arts Guild, among other civic roles. Bond’s love for The Knights never waivered; each week, until his death, he visited the Dacie Moses House, acting as a long-time elder and mentor.

Dacie Moses House director Julie Uleberg calls the popular campus spot “part of Dixon’s legacy.”

For more information, including disability accommodations, call Uleberg at (507) 222-7667. The Dacie Moses House is located at 110 Union Street in Northfield on the Carleton College campus.