Cookies and Flowers...And Volunteering

August 6, 2010 at 1:33 pm
By Kelly Thomas

So, if you read my previous blog post Presidents and Ice Cream, you know that I like my desserts. So clearly, my dream hangout spot would always smell like cookies and I would always be surrounded by tasty home-made food and friendly people. This dream place that I just described exists, and in fact exists on campus: Dacie Moses, one of the sweetest places to chill and bake on campus.

Dacie Moses

Dacie's kitchen is always open and stocked with absolutely every baking ingredient you can imagine (seriously, imagine a baking ingredient - Dacie Moses has it in spades). Students live there during the school year and the summer, and they're always buzzing around, cooking, cleaning, helping people find things, and generally being extremely nice and friendly.

Dacie Moses

One of the best things about Dacie's is Sunday brunch. Every Sunday at 10am (even during the summer!!) Dacie's opens its doors to everyone, including students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the Northfield community, making brunch an excellent place to eat with friends as well as meet new people.

Dacie's Brunch vidcap

Oh, and the gardens - the beautiful, beautiful gardens. Filled with lilies and marigolds and tomato plants and lilacs and black-eyed susans and - well, you get the point. All of these gardens surrounding the house are maintained by student volunteers and Julia, the Dacie Moses House Coordinator (a wonderful, wonderful woman ).

Speaking of volunteers (smooth transition, right?), I have a story that will end with a shout out to the Acting in the Community Together (ACT) office. Volunteering is first nature for many Carleton students. The ACT office helps coordinate much of this, including book drives, buckthorn-pulling in the arboretum, and tutoring local students, just to name a few things. Oh, my story!

So, I realized that I have a fair amount of extra time on my hands this summer, though I'm not sure how I do between work, research, and looking at grad schools, but somehow I do. So I was looking for volunteer opportunities. I emailed the ACT office asking if they knew anyone who needed help something, and they emailed back 2 minutes later, and 10 minutes after that I had information about 2 different opportunities plus contact information for a third person.  So maybe next time I post I'll tell you all about what I'm doing in the community!