Information on the student resident program

Dacie’s House is quite different from any other housing at Carleton. Since the students living there are responsible for keeping the place open and inviting, it is both an abode and a job. The hosting entails preparations for Sunday brunches and hospitality at other times. Potential applicants not familiar with the House are urged to attend Sunday brunches, and in addition talk to those now living there.

Students living at Dacie’s are charged the standard room fee (as if they were in any other off-campus interest house) and are given work contracts in compensation for time worked. They can elect to eat some of their meals on-board.

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, April 10, 2015.


Application Procedure For Student Residents At The Dacie Moses House

1. Strong preference given to applicants who are on campus for the entire academic year.

2. Preference will be given to those applying with a roommate, but a strong individual may apply alone.

3. Applicants must be in good academic standing.

4. Applicants’ disciplinary and work records will be reviewed.

5. The deadline for completed applications is the end of winter term.  References are due by the first day of spring term.

6. Each applicant must submit their own application and also have three (3) completed evaluation forms submitted: one from the applicant’s floor R.A. (or a person in a comparable position, if applicable) one from another floor member, roommate, or frequent visitor to Dacie’s, and another from a member of the faculty or administrative staff. Student work supervisors sometimes can offer helpful insights.

7. Interested applicants are urged to meet the current residents of the House and ask question about living there.

8. Applicants will be interviewed by members of the Dacie Moses House Committee. Interviews will be scheduled in mid to late April.

9. Guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook, including those pertaining to residential life, also apply to residents of Dacie's.

10.  For answers to any other questions, please contact Julia Uleberg Swanson, the Dacie Moses House Coordinator, at x7667 or email  Julia lives upstairs in the House and she can often be found around the House.