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Gifts in support of facilities: $90 million

To build a consciously creative campus: $35 million

Support for a comprehensive vision to enhance spaces for the arts and undertake a bold curricular initiative to embed creativity throughout the Carleton learning experience will provide resources for Phase I of the renovation of the former Northfield Middle School.

For renovating buildings and upgrading technology: $35 million

Spaces that are vacated due to the relocation of departments and classrooms into new arts facilities will require renovation to support their changed purposes. Other academic buildings require the addition of computer and multimedia technology to adapt to current pedagogies.

For improvements and additions to student residences: $10 million

Carleton is a residential college by design. The College offers variety in housing, from halls with a range in room types to houses and town homes, meeting students’ needs for comfortable living spaces. To alleviate overcrowding and to enable more students to reside on campus, resources are needed for the construction of a new residence hall and for modernization of current residence halls and houses.

For investing in sustainability initiatives: $10 million

A focus on sustainability will provide opportunities for Carleton to further implement viable campus environmental initiatives while integrating rigorous study of environmental issues across the curriculum. Support for the environmental and technology studies program and the arboretum will increase student and faculty engagement with global sustainability initiatives and make permanent the funding sources for those vital programs.