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Broadening access for international students: $30 million

  • To continue Carleton’s commitment to providing an excellent liberal arts education to talented students from around the world
  • To enrich the academic experience for all students through intercultural encounters
  • To provide financial aid to international students with demonstrated financial need

Carleton is committed to educating students from around the world and has significantly increased the number of international students on campus from 33 from 16 countries in fall 2000 to 107 from 40 countries in fall 2006.

International students on campus give all members of the Carleton community opportunities for vibrant intercultural encounters. Currently, most of Carleton’s international students are from Asia, in part due to the Starr Foundation’s support of the cross-cultural studies program’s initial “Asia in Comparative Perspective” focus. This grant support will end in 2010 and this campaign seeks to provide permanent funding to sustain this commitment.

To further enrich all students’ opportunities for living and learning interculturally, Carleton aims to enroll students from a broader array of countries, particularly from Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Carleton seeks to enroll international students who wish to pursue cross-cultural experiences and acquire cross-cultural skills, to diversify its student body to reflect a wide range of countries of origin and family socioeconomic status, and to develop additional programming to further integrate international students into daily campus life.

Enrolling international students is expensive because they often have limited financial resources available to them, with no access to state and federal loans. Many students come from families with little or no money to contribute to a Carleton education; only a small percentage come from wealthier families that require less aid.

Carleton currently provides need-based financial assistance, including full or partial scholarships, to a limited number of highly qualified international students each year. Currently, the largest source of funding is scholarship support for Asian students from Starr Foundation grants.

Gifts to the endowment will support permanently the international student program and enable Carleton to continue to recruit the world’s brightest students from regions around the globe, including Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, and from a broader array of socioeconomic groups.