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Expanding Carleton's Faculty: $33 Million

  • To bring new knowledge to the College, allowing for the development of programs, original collaborative research projects, and innovative curricular initiatives
  • To provide time for faculty members to work closely with students on projects that build on classroom experiences and are linked to faculty members’ professional interests
Carleton faculty members desire their greatest professional satisfaction from the close scholarly and creative relationships they nurture with students. They treasure the collaborative partnerships that emerge from an environment filled with bright, committed, and engaged students who are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

Increasing the number of faculty members at Carleton will strengthen the faculty’s ability to work closely with students in designing senior comprehensive exercises that are meaningful to the students. Students will have more opportunities for professional-level, project-based research and creative and scholarly activity in close collaboration with a faculty member. This will build on Carleton’s strength in the quality of faculty/student research partnerships and will enhance the College’s reputation as a leader in providing undergraduates with a personal, comprehensive educational experience.

Expanding Carleton’s faculty allows professors’ time to be shifted from teaching six courses a year to a five-course teaching load with more time to work with students on collaborative project-based research and creative activities. The schools with which Carleton compares itself—including all of the schools ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News & World Report and all but two schools in the top 30—have either a five- or a four-course teaching load.

Increasing the faculty ranks will allow the College to stay abreast of current and emerging fields and offer courses that reflect changing ideas and issues. Fifteen full-time faculty positions will be added. The following positions have been finalized, with additional positions to be determined over the course of the campaign:

  • economics
  • political science
  • environmental and technology studies
  • biology
  • psychology
  • cinema and media studies (two positions)
  • Arabic
  • social demography