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Campaign Updates

Weitz Family Foundation gives unrestricted $10 million gift

May 17, 2007

Wallace Weitz ’70
Barbara Veach Weitz ’70
Chairs of Breaking Barriers, Creating Connections: The Campaign for Carleton

As leadership donors to the campaign, the Weitzes and their children, Katie Weitz White ’96, Roger Weitz ’99, and Andrew Weitz ’02, have given an unrestricted, $10 million gift to Carleton from their family foundation.

We have been thinking about why we are supporting this campaign with our time and our money. With so many needs in the world, why would anyone give $10 million dollars to Carleton College? The following are our reasons—maybe you will identify with some of them or maybe you have reasons of your own.

Carleton has been a profound part of our lives, our children’s lives, their spouses’ lives, and hopefully, our grandchildren’s lives.

We believe in the importance of liberal arts education in providing a broader perspective on addressing issues in the world.

Carleton will always be a place that feeds the gnawing hunger to pursue an idea to its center with other people who feel the same way, and will always be a place where teaching comes first.

We love the possibilities the new curriculum offers for students to explore and understand the role of creativity in all phases of learning.

We believe Carleton offers the opportunity to learn in a community that embraces all cultures and provides experiences to connect with the world.

Carleton’s commitment to bring scholars, leaders, artists, and people of interest to campus to be a part of conversations and classes beyond the passive convocation experience makes us wish we could be there now.

Carleton fosters the excitement of the intellectual process in a community that remains a network for you all your life.

We loved sitting in the chapel and hearing students behind us argue about the solution to a physics problem when we brought Katie to visit the campus. She discovered that weekend what we knew—the serious and playful sides of Carleton students.

We love Carleton because we would not be the people we are now without days spent in the Libe, learning in Professor Zuckert’s and Professor Clark’s living rooms, terrified but inspired by classes with Ada Mae Harrison, dancing to the Nightcrawlers in Sayles Hill, watching the curtain go up on Kismet, sharing Bill’s pizza at 2 a.m. with our roommates, playing poker on 4th Burton, being tossed into Lyman Lakes a week after arriving, taking art history classes, and playing Rotblatt—all without ever forgetting the importance of why we were there.

Whatever Carleton means to you and to us it means more to a world that needs young people educated to see the connections, complexity, and creative possibilities that lie ahead. We believe our money will be well spent in this endeavor and we hope you will join us in making this campaign a success.