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"It's A Good Thing" student videos

As part of the launch of the campaign, the College held a student-produced video competition on the theme "It's A Good Thing." Here are the winning entries!

2nd Place: MaskMan Productions

Published 23 May 2007

By Sean Montgomery '07 and Wain Yee '07

Second place winner of the It's a Good Thing! short film competition.

  • Quicktime Video (1.32 MB, 1 minute 49 seconds, Small, progressive download)
  • Quicktime Video (3.93 MB, 1 minute 48 seconds, Medium, progressive download)


(Title: Carleton College Today)

(Video cuts beween archival film and current-day footage throughout)

Voiceover (from archival promotional film): Carleton College today is a far cry from the Carleton of 100 years ago… and we think the founders would like the way Carleton has changed.

Voiceover: With new buildings, increased endowment, and an expanded and accelerated curriculum, Carleton looks forward from its rugged strength of today.

Voiceover: The center of learning is the student's talking out his ideas with others — getting the correction and stimulation of the people around him.

Voiceover: There are over 175,000 books here. Some students try to read them all… but fail. Wise student's don't try, but they do read a great many.

Voiceover: One might build an elaborate vacuum system to study the thermal decomposition of acetic acid in the vapor phase.

Voiceover: Another might take advanced study on the chapel organ with its myriad assortment of stops and keys.

Voiceover: Lectures, seminars, discussions, field trips, laboratories, conferences, quizzes, papers, examinations, confusion, anger, befuddlement!

Voiceover: And then… perhaps… the sharp delight of the mind perfecting its function — the uneven, but certain sense that in the cooperative process of learning there emerges a joy that can never be explained to anyone.

Voiceover: To provide the occasions for good students to find the order and joy of learning well — this is what we try to do at Carleton College today.

(Title: The End)

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