Summer Meal Plan

A meal plan for use in East Dining Hall, LDC (June 24 - 28) and Burton Dining Hall (July 7 - September 9) is available for students living and working in Northfield over the summer as well as Carleton employees.  The plan will be active from Monday, June 24 - September 9, 2019, whenever the dining halls are open. Construction and annual maintenance projects will cause some interruption of food service on campus as well as days when Summer Academic Program participants eat meals off-campus. Dining hall hours will be posted in advance on the Dining Services website and on the college’s online events calendar.

Sayles Café will be open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., over the summer and students can use their Schillers or cash at Sayles Café during some of the times that Burton Dining Hall will be closed. Schillers are also accepted in downtown Northfield at Tandem Bagels, Just Food Co-Op and Brick Oven Bakery.

The summer meal plan has 20 meals and costs $130. The plan is good during any active meal period and doesn't expire at the end of the week. Any meals left at the end of the summer will not be refunded. There are no dining dollars attached the summer meal plan and the meal plan can’t be used at Sayles Café.

You may choose to have the cost of your meal plan deducted from your Schiller account or billed to your student account.

Purchase a 2019 summer meal plan.