Daily menus for the current week are available at the following links:

eXpress Lunches and Pack-outs

If you can't get to the dining halls for lunch or dinner, you may get an eXpress Lunch at East Dining Hall. If a team or group needs to take a meal on the road or have a cook-out on campus, see the pack-out page for more information and order forms.

Food Icons

Look for these icons on the right in our dining facilities. They will be on the station signs to denote the type of food being served at each station. This will help you choose the food that is right for you at every meal.

Do you have a food allergy?

When students self-identify themselves as allergic to food, the culinary staff records the details of the student’s condition and assists the student in determining how to manage their diet in the dining halls to maximum individual benefit. The information on each student is maintained in a book at both Burton and LDC and can be consulted by the chefs at any time. In this way, just about any student with a food allergy or other dietary issue can be accommodated.

If you have a food allergy or know someone who does, please contact Vale Riggs, Sous Chef at LDC,, x4570.