Science Facility Planning and Construction

The purpose of this page is to communicate information about the planning and construction of the Integrated Science Facility at Carleton College, from Fall 2016 through the end of construction. The committee responsible for planning this facility is the Science Planning Group; members of this group are indicated below.

Ann May, Anna Rafferty, Arjendu Pattanayak, Austin Mason, Bev Nagel, Cam Davidson, Cathy Manduca, Clint Cowan, Dan Hernandez, David Lefkowitz, Deborah Gross, Eric Egge, Emy Farley, Fred Rogers, Gayle McJunkin, Greg Marfleet, Gretchen Hofmeister, Joe Chihade, Joe Hargis, Janet Russell, Jennifer Wolff, Kathie Galotti, Ken Abrams, Mark Gleason, Mark Zach, Mija Van Der Wege, Raka Mitra, Steve Spehn, Tommy Bonner, Tsegaye Nega, Victoria Morse, Wayne Brown

Facilities Science Building Addition and Renovation Information

Timeline, as of 9/26/16