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When do Carleton students declare a major? If I already know what I want to major in, can I declare a major early?

Carleton students declare majors spring term of their sophomore year. Students cannot declare earlier. Why not? We expect you will spend at least part of your first two years exploring the different fields of study that are part of a liberal arts curriculum. It’s amazing how often interests change on encounter with different subjects at the college level! We really want first-year students to strive for variety and exploration in all the distribution groups. We know, though, that some students enter college already planning to major in a certain field, while others have narrowed the possibilities. If you think you know what you want to major in, check the department website to see if the department you are considering has suggested particular courses or sequences appropriate for first-year study.

  • Dean of the College Office, "Advising Handbook", 18 March 2005
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