Hiring - Non-Tenure-Track

  • Request leave replacements or other temporary hires by completing and submitting the Request to Hire Non-Tenure-Track position form in mid-November found on the Dean of the College Web site. You will be notified when your request has been approved or denied. (Remember, we do not automatically replace every leave.)  Typically, you should should get a response to your request during  the early part of winter break.
  • Contact Associate Dean Andrew Fisher to develop a recruitment strategy.  Andrew is responsible for coordinating recruiting and interviewing for these positions on behalf of the Dean. In some cases (such as hiring an emeritus faculty member or someone who has taught here in the past), you will be given approval to make an offer and no further recruiting will be necessary.

NOTE: Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professorships are available to cover some leaves. Contact the Dean of the College Office if you are interested in hiring a Benedict.

If the appointment is to be for a period longer than one year, departments will work with Associate Dean Fisher but should follow the procedures for recruiting faculty under “Hiring – Tenure-Track”.

  • If the position will be advertised, submit ad copy to Associate Dean Fisher for review (see sample). The ad copy will be returned to you with any recommended changes.  Please also let us know the name of the search committee chair and the other members of the search committee so we can grant access to the automated applicant Web site.
  • Submit ads to appropriate professional journals and publications. The Dean of the College Office will also post your ad on their Web site, and list your position on the Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC) Web site.  Please note: The College has purchased a package of postings at a discount for The Chronicle of Higher Education.  If you advertise in The Chronicle, please log in as ppfister@carleton.edu and use the password fallterm.  Then choose the package, Carleton Coll 24X CHE 7/7/17.
  • Begin screening candidates and choosing finalists.  Normally, two candidates are invited to campus for interviews.
  • Give the names of your finalists to Associate Dean Fisher. He will need to review their application materials and approve the candidates before you invite finalists to campus.  NO CANDIDATE SHOULD BE INVITED TO CAMPUS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.
  • Reserve interview times. Contact Karen Moldenhauer (x4300) to reserve time on Associate Dean Fisher's calendar for interviews.
  • Develop the interview schedule. Schedule candidates to give one or two presentation(s). Publicize the dates and times of presentations to students majoring in the department and other interested people on campus. Ask candidates if they are comfortable with the posting of their name and talk on your departmental Web site.
  • Send a copy of each candidate’s interview schedule to Associate Dean Fisher.

Associate Dean Fisher will discuss salary, benefits, and faculty development support with candidates.

  • Consult with the Dean’s Office if a non-U.S. citizen will be among the final candidates. Visa applications can take months. The College will work with an immigration attorney and the applicant to initiate the process. The College will pay the legal expenses associated with obtaining a valid work permit for non-tenure-track faculty who have non-citizen or non-permanent residence status and whose contracts are full-time for at least a year or who hold a distinguished visiting professorship (to be approved by the Dean).
  • Obtain approval from Associate Dean Fisher to make a verbal offer. RECOMMENDATION FOR HIRING MUST BE APPROVED BY THE DEAN’S OFFICE BEFORE AN OFFER IS MADE.  Associate Dean Fisher will follow up with a written offer.
  • Associate Dean Fisher will notify you when an offer has been accepted. The Dean’s Office will draft the formal contract letter.