Carleton Prizes, Awards, and Honors — a Partial Listing

The following is a listing of some of the more public prizes and awards at Carleton College. Many of the prizes have a cash award (they range from $100 to $4,000), depending in part on the number of recipients per award. If you know of a student who fits one of these awards, please call or e-mail the pertinent contact person.

SARAH F. HAMM-ALVAREZ '86 AND R. MICHAEL ALVAREZ '86 AWARD FOR APPLIED RESEARCH was established in 2014 to support research efforts of students who are working to bring innovations and concepts from theory or laboratory to the real-world. Research projects from the natural or social sciences that help propel conceptual or theoretical results into practical applications or which develop methodologies to test or evaluate the efficacy of these applications.  Contact: Greg Marfleet

CAROLYN APPLEBAUM PRIZE IN THE ARTS was established by Dr. Mark S. Applebaum '89 and Ms. Joan Friedman in 2014 in memory of Carolyn Applebaum, Mark's sister. Carolyn was devoted to theater and worked as a drama teacher. She was an advocate, cheerleader, mentor, and friend to her students. The prize recognizes students who have made a meaningful impact on the arts in student life.  Contact: Steve Richardson

JAMES S. BERGLUND '61 SOCIAL SCIENCE PRIZE was established in 1962 by friends and classmates of James S. Berglund, who died shortly after his graduation in 1961. The prize is awarded annually for the best essay or research paper written in the social sciences.  Contact:  Nathan Grawe

SCOTT TYLER BERGNER PRIZE was established in 1978 by Mr. and Mrs. Carsten Retrum in memory of Scott Tyler Bergner, son of Susan Retrum Bergner, Class of 1969, and Jeffrey T. Bergner, Class of 1969. The prize is awarded each year to a member of the senior class who has an outstanding academic record and who has demonstrated excellence of thought and character. The prize will be used to further the pursuit of excellence.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

CARLETON TONI AWARD IN THE ARTS was established in 1996 to honor the memory of Antoinette Sostek, dance instructor at Carleton from 1971 to 1996. The prize is awarded annually to a junior or senior who most aptly reflects the spirit of Toni’s teachings: finds the fun in shared experience; understands that major challenges are overcome through small steps and small triumphs; exults in the joy of personal achievement; and does not let personal limitations or conventional wisdom discourage creative expression.  Contact: Karen Moldenhauer

CLASS OF 1885 PRIZE is awarded annually to the student submitting the best work of imagination in prose.  Contact: Kofi Owusu

CLASS OF 1966 DIVERSITY OF ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given to Carleton students who have made a unique or distinctive contribution to the College or the community. The recipients have demonstrated excellence in their own way in such diverse areas as the arts, community service, student government, academic research, or other areas of contribution.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

MARGARET DALTON CURRAN PRIZE was established in 1986 by family and friends of Margaret Dalton Curran, Class of 1926. In recognition of the lifelong interest in excellent writing she developed while she was a student at Carleton, this prize is awarded annually to a student submitting the most accomplished academic essay.  Contact: Kofi Owusu

DANA AWARD FOR PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT was established in 1949 by Ellis H. Dana, Class of 1924, in memory of his grandfather, the Reverend Malcolm McGregor Dana, Trustee of Carleton from 1878 to 1888. The award is given annually as a recognition to a male student in the senior class who, during four years at Carleton College, has shown superior personal achievement in developing a balanced combination of high scholarship, exceptional leadership abilities, and outstanding Christian character, and as a symbol of confidence in the promise of future attainment in his chosen field of public service.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

DIMSDALE PRIZE FOR UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL RESEARCH was established in 2008 by Dr. Joel Dimsdale, Class of 1968, to support off-campus research by Carleton students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.  Contact: Pam Middleton

MIKE EWERS AWARD FROM THE MINNESOTA SPACE GRANT CONSORTIUM is awarded to juniors involved in space-related research who best exemplify Mike Ewers’s ’04 vision for the exploration of space and his enthusiasm for public outreach.  Contact: Cindy Blaha

DAVID JOHN FIELD PRIZE was established in 1984 by Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Field as a memorial to their son. The prize is awarded each year to a member of the senior class whose non-athletic activities best exhibit the qualities of imagination, ingenuity, energy, verve, and zest for life which David Field, Class of 1964, exemplified while living with his fellow students at Carleton.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

LAURENCE MCKINLEY GOULD PRIZE IN NATURAL SCIENCE was established in 1979 in recognition of the contributions made to scientific research and to liberal education by Dr. Laurence McKinley Gould, who served as Carleton’s president from 1945 to 1962. This prize is awarded annually to members of the senior class who has demonstrated excellence in experimental scientific research in either biology, chemistry, geology, physics, or psychology and who has studied one of the other humanities at a level well beyond the minimum College requirement.  Contact: Julie Neiworth

HONORS IN INDEPENDENT STUDY  Outstanding independent work may be cited for “Honors in Independent Study” at Honors Convocation. Such recognition is based solely on the excellence of the special project and is considered independently of a student’s academic average or other qualifying factors. The independent study project need not be in the student’s major field and is available to all students in any class, not just to seniors.  Contact: Karen Moldenhauer

JEFFERSON NATURAL SCIENCES TEACHING AWARD is given annually to a current student who has demonstrated an interest in and capacity for teaching children or adults in the natural sciences. The award may be used for any purpose that would further the student’s teaching career.  Contact: Deborah Appleman

SIGRID AND ERLING LARSEN AWARD IN CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTS was established in 1961 to honor the memory of Sigrid Larsen, Class of 1962, and her father Erling Larsen, Carleton professor of English from 1956 to 1974. The award is given annually to a student who has done the most memorable or distinguished work in literature, drama, music, art, dance, photography, or film, either as a creator or performer.  Contact: Steve Richardson

DAVID MAITLAND—ROBERT WILL PRIZE this prize honors Professor David Maitland and Professor Robert Will '50, and recognizes qualities important in defining a Carleton education - in this instance, involvement in one's community. It is awarded to a student completing their sophomore year who, in the judgment of the Economics Department and the College Chaplain, has shown the greatest capacity to transform a community during their time at Carleton.  Contact:  Carolyn Fure-Slocum

DACIE MOSES AWARD was established in 1981 by the Alumni Association as a celebration of the warmth, generosity and hospitality of Dacie Moses, who contributed much to the lives of Carleton students. The award is given annually to a student or students who continue to express the hospitality, caring, and concern characteristic of Candace Kelley Moses.
Julia Uleberg Swanson

JEAN SCHMIDT PRIZE, created in memory of Jean Schmidt, Class of 1973, is awarded annually to that student who embodies Jean’s enthusiasm for learning and love of people.  Contact: Clara Hardy

SECOND CENTURY STUDENT AWARD honors a member of the Carleton student body who has made an outstanding contribution to the College through significant service to others. The award is not intended to recognize academic or political success, but rather to honor service on- or off-campus which in other ways enriches and strengthens the institution and the lives of its members.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

HARRIET SHERIDAN ENDOWED PRIZE was established in honor of Harriet Sheridan, former acting president, dean, and professor of English, who had a major impact on the donors of this fund. The purpose of the prize is to recognize qualities that are important in defining a Carleton education-in this instance, writing ability.  Contact: George Cusack

STEWSIE SUSTAINABILITY AWARD is given to a Carleton student and faculty/staff member whose character reflects the determination, conviction, and innovation of the lifelong service of Dresdon Blake Stewart, better known as “Stewsie.”  As an employee and later as superintendent of grounds, Stewsie served the College for more than 50 years, eventually receiving the title “landscape architect.”  Never found without a shovel in hand, he was dedicated to improving his community’s environment, keeping strong his deep convictions about preserving the natural order of the local habitat.  Contact:  Martha Larson

STIMSON PRIZE, established in 1873 by the Reverend Henry A. Stimson, D.D., Minister of Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis, is intended to encourage public speech. This prize is awarded to a student who contributes most to the quality of debate or public speaking at the College.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

was established in 1982 by Robert S. Strauss, Class of 1973, in memory of his father. The prize is awarded annually to recognize accomplished humorous writing.  Contact: Kofi Owusu

TECHNOS INTERNATIONAL PRIZE is awarded each year to a graduating senior with a record of academic excellence and an interest in promoting international understanding. It is balanced by a similar award given by Carleton to a student at Technos International College in Tokyo.  Contact: Tammy Anderson

MARY WIESE ENDOWED PRIZE was established in 1992 to honor the memory of Maria Eugenia Wiese. This prize honors Mary’s respect for education, her profound love for students and her understanding of the place of education in their futures. Qualities Mary valued in others and that formed the core of her own character were: cultural pride, kindness, perseverance, self-reliance, discipline, and respect and care for other people. This prize is awarded to a graduating senior who embodies the above qualities and who has demonstrated perseverance in overcoming challenging circumstances. To honor the pride Mary had in her Latino culture, preference will be given to Latino students.  Contact: Tammy Anderson