Toni Award in the Arts


The Carleton Toni Award in the Arts is given to a Carleton student whose character reflects the values, devotion, and spirit of beloved teacher Antoinette "Toni" Sostek. After a distinguished career in dance, including Broadway and national television, Toni joined her husband in the academic world, and spent 25 years as a dance instructor at Carleton before her passing in 1996.  Through the metaphor of dance, Toni taught many important lessons in life, especially that every moment in every class was a stage in the long--indeed, never ending--learning process.

This photograph of Toni (upper right) exemplifies her devotion to dance beyond technique: love, enthusiasm, and joy. As a teacher she brought her devotion to the classroom, and most importantly, shared her passion for dance with her students, "ugly ducklings" and all. It is that combination of devotion, and willingness to share one's art, that best defines the Carleton Toni Award.

The Arts can include, for instance, Studio Art; Cinema and Media Studies; Creative Writing; Music; Theater and Dance.


A cash prize is awarded annually (amount is determined by the spendable income generated by the endowed fund). Winners have unrestricted control over the spending of their awards.


  • Nomination (unsolicited) by a member of the Carleton faculty or staff;
  • Full-time Carleton student;
  • Senior or junior standing;
  • Nominee embodies Toni's spirit through the sharing of artistic expression, which best reflects the essence of Toni Sostek's teaching;
  • Nominee need not be an art major or art star, but someone who loves a particular art form, who throws him or herself into it, who lives and breathes it, and who infectiously imparts that enthusiasm to others.
  • Previous winners are ineligible;
  • Non-winners or runners-up may be re-nominated in subsequent years.

Award Process

1) Nomination:  Any member of the Carleton faculty or staff is invited to email the name of a junior or senior they wish to nominate to Karen Moldenhauer (kmoldenh) in the Dean of the College Office. 

Nominations will be confirmed with the student. If they accept, they must secure two brief letters of support: one from the original nominator, and one from a faculty member or artistic mentor other than the nominator. 

NOTE: If the second recommender is not a member of the Carleton community, the nominee should supply the recommender's name and contact information.

2) Letters:  Brief letters (a paragraph or two will suffice) from the nominator and the second-recommender should be emailed to Karen Moldenhauer (kmoldenh), by Friday, March 11, 2016. 

An on-campus committee will select up to five (5) award finalists by weighing the letters of nomination and support. Finalists will be interviewed by the Toni Award Selection Committee on Saturday, April 9th between 9:30 - 12 Noon in Sayles Hill Lounge.


Friday, March 11, 2016, 5:00 PM.  Emailed to Karen Moldenhauer (kmoldenh) in the Dean of the College Office.

Faculty Adviser:  George Shuffelton, Associate Dean of the College, Laird 131, x4300