Carleton in Fenyang

Carleton College shares a long and rich history with the small Chinese town of Fenyang. In the early 20th century, Carleton alumni traveled there as missionaries and teachers, founding a high school, hospital, and church. Today, the school and hospital survive and are recognized throughout the province for their achievements. Carleton has a history of sending graduates and students to Fenyang to teach English and learn about Chinese culture, and the Dean of the College Office is working to create a more permanent exchange with Fenyang Senior High School (locally called Fenyang Senior Middle School).

In 2006, Carleton graduates Alex Baum, Tricia Glab and Carmen LeClair became the first Carleton graduates to work at Fenyang Senior Middle School as English teachers in more than half a century. In 2007, Katrina Pitas, Julie Young, and Joanna Lee became the next group to carry on this fine tradition. As with their predecessors in 2006, Katrina, Julie, and Joanna saw more than 2,000 students each week, giving classroom lessons on American culture, directing activity classes for gifted students, helping select students prepare for the TOEFL exam, and teaching younger students on the weekend. Living in the very heart of China, they were truly immersed in Chinese culture, supplementing their stay with weekly calligraphy lessons, daily Tai Chi practice, and Chinese lessons several times a week.

The Dean of the College Office is looking for patient, hardworking Carleton seniors who would be interested in teaching in Fenyang for the upcoming school year. For more information on the program, contract terms, and the ups and downs of life in Fenyang, please see the links below.