Student Academic Grants


Carleton College is pleased to announce that we have two modest funds with which to support student projects connected to their academic work at Carleton:  The Parents Fund for Academic Excellence (Research-related) and the Tiny Toni Grant (Arts-related).

Note: Only one grant per Carleton-enrolled student per year from either fund will be considered.


Activities related to a student's academic work which the college will consider funding from the Parents Fund for Academic Excellence include:

  • Travel to and from conferences in which students have been invited to participate and present their academic research (if attending WITH a faculty member, the professor should contact Karen in the DOC office, first);
  • Publication, communication and project expenses;
  • Travel to sites where research is being conducted; and
  • In rare instances, travel to libraries holding special collections.

The College may award up to $400.00 per student on a first-come first-served basis to help defray the cost of travel to conferences, travel to a research site, or project expenses. Interested students may apply by submitting the following:

  1. A narrative description of the proposed program of research, no longer than one single-spaced page, describing the nature of the project in non-technical language;
  2. A Funding Request form which includes a budget (list the full amount you need), including other sources from which you have requested support);
  3. Where relevant, a letter of invitation to participate and/or confirmation that travel to another institution for specific material is necessary;
  4. Where relevant, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval;
  5. A letter of support from a faculty member who can evaluate the content of the project. Have faculty member email their letter to Karen Moldenhauer in the Dean of the College / Office of Student Fellowships (kmoldenh).

NOTE: Items 1 through 3 are to be submitted together to Karen Moldenhauer.

Proposals are reviewed upon submission of the above, and you will be notified within a week or two. 



Thanks to the generosity of family and friends of Toni Sostek, a beloved teacher who passed away in January, 1996, after a distinguished career in dance and choreography, The Carleton Tiny Toni  has been established.

The Tiny Toni is a small grant designed for students who want to use art to enrich their own and others’ lives.  Grants of up to $200.00 will support projects in any of the arts: English, theatre, dance, music, media studies and art. The grants may be used for a wide range of activities, and are awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

Interested students may apply by submitting the following to Karen Moldenhauer, Dean of the College Office, Laird 131.

  • A proposal of not more than 250 words;
  • A faculty letter of support to endorse your proposal and your ability to carry out the project, if applicable;
  • A budget.

Questions?  Call x4300 or email Karen Moldenhauer (kmoldenh)

After completion of your project, please fill out the Funding Benefits student summary and email it to Karen Moldenhauer.  This information is provided as a courtesy to our donors.