Faculty and Staff Housing

Carleton owns and maintains apartments (and a few houses) near the campus that are made available for rent to new faculty and staff. The primary purpose of the rental program is to provide housing for short term visiting faculty who would otherwise have difficulty finding housing, and to provide temporary housing for new faculty and staff relocating to Northfield from a distance. The maximum rental period is two years, except for tenure-track faculty who are eligible to rent for four years.

All applicants for college housing must fill out a housing form. The dean's office will prepare a preliminary list of assignments in the spring of each year at the end of the faculty hiring cycle (typically late April), using the following priority order:

  1. Short term visiting faculty
  2. New tenure-track faculty and new Student Life staff in selected areas
  3. Tenure-track faculty who could not be placed in college housing their first year
  4. Full year and multi-year leave replacements
  5. Other new administrative employees
  6. Faculty and staff in college housing whose family situation changes
  7. Faculty and staff in college housing who wish to change quarters

The dean's office will work with Facilities to finalize housing arrangements and notify housing applicants.

Please Note:

  • Smoking is not allowed in College housing
  • Pets are not allowed in most College housing

Carleton also maintains a Housing Classifieds website where community members can submit homes/apartments for rent.