Dean of the College Staff

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Beverly Nagel
Beverly Nagel ’75 Profile
Dean of the College
Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Sociology, Science, Technology, and Society

Dean Nagel oversees the faculty and academic programs of the College. She is responsible for faculty recruitment, review and promotion, as well as review of academic departments and programs.  Dean Nagel also oversees the Gould Library and Information Technology Services (ITS).  The Dean is co-chair of the Education and Curriculum Committee, and chairs the Budget, Faculty Personnel, Faculty Curricular Planning and Faculty Grants Committees.  She is the chief academic officer of the College, and is a member of College Council.

Fernan Jaramillo Profile
Associate Dean of the College
Professor of Biology
Off Campus: Fall 2016 through Spring 2017

Associate Dean Jaramillo oversees the Animal Care Facility, Art Gallery and Collections, Summer Academic Programs, Science Education Resource Center (SERC), and Cowling Arboretum. He is responsible for academic budgets, classroom improvements, and faculty office assignments, and sits on several committees including the Budget Committee, Capital Finance and Planning Committee (CF&PC), and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. 

Louis Newman
Louis Newman Profile
Associate Dean of the College
Director of Advising
John M. and Elizabeth W. Musser Professor of Religious Studies
Off Campus: Fall 2016 through Spring 2017

Associate Dean and Director of Advising Louis Newman has primary responsibility for the College's academic advising program.  He serves as the liaison between the Dean of the College office and many of the curricular initiatives and other academic programs, including CCCE, the Writing Program, the Humanities Center, QuIRK, EthIC, the Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching (LTC), and is a member of the Institutional Review Board for Research on Human Subjects.  He also works on implementing some of the recommendations that emerged from the College's strategic plan, such as integrating curricular and off-campus educational opportunities and working with the Career Center to help prepare students for lives and careers after Carleton. 

George Shuffelton
George Shuffelton Profile
Associate Dean of the College
Professor of English

Associate Dean Shuffelton oversees the offices of Off-Campus Studies, the Language Center, and the Registrar.  His responsibilities include academic integrity cases, language exemptions, and student academic concerns.  As a standing member of the College's Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) and Academic Standing Committee (ACS), he is deeply involved in academic policy, and in students' academic progress.  In addition, Dean Shuffelton  is responsible for the College's non-tenure-track faculty hiring.

Marynel Ryan Van Zee
Marynel Ryan Van Zee Profile
Director of Student Fellowships

Director of Student Fellowships Marynel Ryan Van Zee advises Carleton students and recent alumni applying for most highly competitive external fellowships and manages all on-campus elements of the evaluation and endorsement processes for such fellowships.  She is also responsible for Carleton-funded opportunities managed through the Office of Student Fellowships. 

Andrea Nixon
Andrea Nixon Profile
Director of Educational Research

Director of Educational Research Andrea Nixon assists departments and programs as they assess learning outcomes, oversees Carleton’s institutional-level assessment, and conducts educational research projects.

Peggy Pfister
Peggy Pfister Profile
Senior Assistant to the Dean of the College & Office Manager
Danette's New Picture
Danette DeMann Profile
Sr Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College
Becky Krogh
Becky Krogh Profile
Academic Project Specialist
Sr Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College
Karen Moldenhauer
Karen Moldenhauer Profile
Assistant to the Director of Student Fellowships
Sr Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College