See a message from Dean of Students Carolyn Livingston about the Northfield to Selma trip.

Friday, March 17: Day Two

Saturday, March 18, 2017

by Bethany Bobo

Today we visited the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and, while I’ve never been to Ohio before, I felt an inexplicable connection to the stories and people that were presented to me today. Although we had an assigned tour guide that offered some extra information that was not displayed, I feel that I learned more in the times that we were free to wander and discover things on our own.

Two aspects of the Freedom Center that I find intriguing are the view of the Ohio river, which I learned contributed to the freedom of many slaves, and the slave pen that was found and rebuilt with the original wood and materials from the fireplace. An interesting Carleton course would be “After Freedom” which would focus on the successes, setbacks and struggles that came with escaping to freedom. There would be a bigger focus on how these freed slaves, most who had been slaves their whole lives, adjusted to this newfound freedom and a different, but just as destructive, form of racism and discrimination.This course would be a relevant addition because often when the journey to freedom from slavery is taught, the stories end with the former slaves reaching a freedom that is portrayed as perfect and fails to acknowledge the hardships that stay with former slaves long after escaping their shackles.

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