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Sunday, March 19: Day Four

Monday, March 20, 2017

by Sharaka Berry

The Exceptional Nation or the Accepting Nation

All men are created Equal, Except those we deem as feeble

If you are the other, your are the problem

And you may find yourself at the bottom

And the bottom may be the Atlantic,

If you chose to fight or panic, no equality for the savage

The Savage will not be allowed to rest or sleep,

because then they might see the American Dream

Are we there?

Martin's Dream was for our nation to be more Fair.

Malcolm said our reality is America's Nightmare.

When we get to the promise land will ther be a sign

Will there be a fare to get in the line

Will the fare be having fair skin

Is being white the only way in.

Is money the only way to change a mind, can I use my 2 cents?

Or get four nickels converted to dimes and create a paradigm shift.

If we Accept that American Pride stands in the way of American Progress

We never again leave the most vulnerable among us defenseless.

We must make progress are a Trend,

Reliving our past will not make us Great Again

Because the past isn't great for all of us, lets not pretend

If you were black or brown what time in America would you want to be in?


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