See a message from Dean of Students Carolyn Livingston about the Northfield to Selma trip.

Tuesday, March 21: Day Six

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

by DJ Brooks

Waking up as early as 6:00am, we boarded the bus and headed to the Martin Luther King National History Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. We arrived a little early, so we all slept on the bus until the museum opened. We were one of the first groups to enter the museum which was great. We explored a small section of the museum and watched two films, which seemed a little out dated. Afterwards, we went walked around the park where the memorials for King and his wife Coretta Scott King are located. Inside, we learned more about the two and Rosa Parks. We also went inside Ebenezer Baptist Church where a King sermon recording was heard throughout the church.

Next we found ourselves at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. I admired the large art piece that takes up the wall across from the entrance. My two favorite exhibits in there was the section designated to MLK and an interactive exhibit. The MLK exhibit included documents and letters either written by, about or to MLK. The interactive exhibit is a 4D experience where you put on headphones, close your eyes, and imagine you are a civil rights activist sitting at a counter in a whites only restaurant waiting to be served. You can feel the whispers in your ear and the blows from the chair as you are actually there. This was a really hard and emotional exhibit to get through, and because of that it was one of my favorites. 

Lastly, we traveled about 20 minutes to the home of Rob Smulian a Carleton alumnus. There, we ate dinner and mingled with other alumni who live in the area. Afterwards, we had a collective talk that included discussions about an alumni who had different views on the world than most of the people there. After saying our goodbyes, thanking the alumni for hosting us and the others for attending, we boarded the bus again and headed for Montgomery, Alabama. 


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