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Saturday, March 18: Day Three

Sunday, March 19, 2017

by Brittany DeWeaver

We went to Frederick Douglass’ house, the National Museum of the American Indian (the Smithsonian), the International Spy Museum, and Ben’s Chili Bowl.

At Frederick Douglass’ house, I got a glimpse into the lives of abolitionists. I learned a lot about conductors of the Underground Railroad. In school, I was just told about Harriet Tubman helping slaves run from slave catchers and dogs to free states up North. I always imagined Harriet just following some train tracks to freedom. I realized there is so much more to it. A community of people, free blacks and whites called conductors, risked their lives to help free slaves by either harboring them in their homes or running alongside them to guide them to freedom. The tour of Frederick Douglass’ house was the best tour of my life. John McCaskill, our tour guide, gave us the most insightful history lesson on Frederick Douglass. He told us new facts and brushed up on known facts in the most memorable way. At the end, he even gave all of us a pep talk. He reminded us that people fought for us and the positions we are in now, and we can do what we put our minds to and more. He motivated me and energized me for the spring trimester.

The National Museum of the American Indian made me think about the fact that Africans weren't the only people harmed or taken from their homes. Indians were thrust from their land and the museum did a great job with visualizations and facts about before, during and after their land was taken from them.

The International Spy Museum was a lot of fun. I got to explore and act like a little kid for a bit.

Going to Ben’s Chili Bowl was magical. Many famous African American people ate there, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama. Mrs. Ali had a great spirit and I felt as if I went to my grandma’s house for a nice home cooked meal. I truly felt at home there. I enjoyed a meal with my peers as well as Carleton alumni.


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