Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Request

A leave of absence is a temporary interruption in a student's program of study and refers to the specific time period when a student is not in attendance and pursuing academic work at the College.

A student may request a total of three terms of leave of absence during their time at Carleton. The total of three terms can include any combination of medical, military service, or personal leaves. Students interested in exploring the leave options are encouraged to talk with their advisers and/or their class dean. Leave of absence requests are processed by the Dean of Students Office on behalf of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC).

Notes: (1) A leave of absence is for nonacademic activities; if students choose to study elsewhere, credit will not be transferred to Carleton. (2) A leave of absence will cause the student’s class year to change which will impact housing draw and registration priority numbers. (3)  A student who is away from the College on leave of absence status for more than three terms will be withdrawn with the option to petition for readmission when they are ready to return.  (4) Any student who receives financial aid should consult with Student Financial Services to discuss how their aid may be impacted by a leave or the extension of a leave. 

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