Class Deans

Cathy Carlson

Class Dean for Juniors & Seniors
Phone: 507-222-4075
Email: ccarlson

Joe Baggot

Class Dean for First-Year Students & Sophomores
Phone: 507-222-4075
Email: jbaggot

Student Support Provided by the Class Deans

Academic and educational counseling

Class Deans work with the Academic Standing Committee and faculty advisers to provide students with accurate and timely information about academic planning and status (e.g., notifying students of review actions, processing requests for academic extensions, addressing faculty concerns regarding student progress).  Class Deans provide a safety net for students who are confused, lost in the system, or in need of additional support.

Counseling with a small ‘c’

Class Deans serve as effective listeners and help students sort out a variety of issues and offer support as needed (e.g., concerns about friends, family crises).  Class Deans take a “whole student” approach to helping students grow, develop, and make decisions about their academic, personal, and vocational lives. In addition, Class Deans are often assigned to follow up on reports of community standard violations (e.g., alcohol misuse, sexual misconduct).


Class Deans work with other offices to provide programs to address issues distinct to each class and their developmental needs.  (e.g., the first-year dean works with new student week).


Class Deans provide information and direction about on and off campus resources.  Often students present with academic issues but then reveal substantial personal concerns or vice versa.