Voter Registration Information

Each student 18 years old or older and who is a U.S. citizen has the right to vote in local, state, and national elections. Carleton students who are eligible voters may vote either in their home states or in Minnesota. Not both. You may wish to contact your home state/county election office for details about pre-registration and absentee voting.

Out-of-state students may wish to check with their home state--if they may (in the future) consider applying to a home state professional or graduate school--to determine whether voting in Minnesota will have an affect on their residency status. States vary on their requirements. Also, insurance coverage provided by a homeowner's policy may be affected.

Please contact the Dean of Students Office, x4248 for clarification as needed.

Registering to vote in Northfield establishes Northfield, MN as your residence and renders you subject to call for jury duty in Rice County; Faribault, MN is the county seat. The law provides no exception for full-time students or for persons lacking transportation. Excuse from jury duty is the prerogative of the judge.