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Trustee Task Force Created

February 17, 2009
By President Rob Oden

I want to share with you news of the formation of a new trustee Task Force on Revenue and Costs.  Encouraged by Board Chair Jack Eugster, we discussed the benefits of creating such a task force with the board's Executive Committee, where the idea was well received.

This task force will work with the College to consider revenue and cost actions, both short and long term, to improve Carleton’s financial situation, and will consult with the on-campus groups also identified to deliberate on these issues. 

Trustee members of the new task force are:

  • Jim Johnson (chair)
  • Mark Banks
  • Elise Holschuh
  • Leslie Kautz
  • Rich Kracum
  • Marilyn McCoy
  • Marc Noël
  • Caesar Sweitzer
  • Wally Weitz

Staff support of the task force will come from Scott Bierman, Rob Oden, Fred Rogers, and Paul Thiboutot.

Trustees on the Task Force will meet on the Friday afternoon of Board meetings beginning this February, as well as between Board meetings as necessary.  This task force is expected to be active for one year.

-President Rob Oden