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From friend Lee Finley- Blasi

September 18, 2006 at 12:00 am

The memory is short but sweet, maybe a little less than PC though.

There is another show going on at the Cave, and it happens to be a rare but beautiful occasion when a dirty punk band is playing. I make sure to go. And sure enough there he is. Ted stands beforee them. The Tosser's are their name and soon they are a ragin'. Ted and I dive in, and enjoy the music and the crowd and each other.

Ted knows everything and more about punk music. He had heard these guys before and was way happy they were here and was all about their Irish roots. He approached punk music very knowledgably. He knew what he liked and why and had no apologies. I think it was the energy that did it for us that night.

Before long, the intensity of the night wears out and we stand there as the lead singer stands drunk before us, and then begins offending every possible denomination, class, race, gender, etc. and digs himself a horrible hole. The entire crowd stands open mouthed at his unbelievable words. Ted and me were the only two laughing, and not because this guy made sense to us, but because this is what we expect from a dirty no good awful punk band that claims it's Irish roots. We understood each other for a moment, and we stood out from the rest. Ted was one of those guys who helped make college bearable.

Goodbye Ted, I miss you much.

- Lee

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