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From Friend, Scott Vignos

September 22, 2006 at 10:38 am

I have this great picture.

It's sophomore year in Evans 411, a fourth-floor quad I shared with three friends on the Cowling side of Evans. It's the middle of winter term, right around the time when Carleton cabin fever starts to sets in. That night, we were hanging out in our room, a space carved out of the attic of Evans, barely big enough for its residents. But here, there are four guys on the couch, and another four standing behind it. My roommate Micah had this great idea to get out his camera and take a picture of all of us for, you know, posterity's sake. He put the camera on top of the TV, set the timer and flash, now I have this picture.

It's me and Jens, Ben, Andrew, Dave, Micah, Leon, Lee and Ted. Ted's wearing a Chicago Fire jersey and his signature baseball cap. He's kind of squished against the side of the couch with this huge smile on his face. Everyone has a huge smile on their face.

I've been looking at this picture a lot lately and thinking about how, if any of us had known what the future held, there would be a thousand more pictures, just like this one, all taken to try to keep close our waning moments with Ted in our midst. Right now, I'm very thankful I have just this one. Ted was that guy who always said hi, and who was always in good spirits, especially when he came back to visit during his treatment. This picture, his huge smile and the huge spirit behind it will stick with me forever.

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