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From Friend, Ethan Mooar

September 27, 2006 at 9:01 am

Despite both of us being History majors and spending so much time with swimmers, though I myself did not swim, I did not really get to know Ted until our junior year. It was through the radio show that he did with Jens Stevens and my roommate Mark Sielaff that I first met him in more than a passing way. I would often go down to the radio studio to hang out with them during their show, music blaring, Ted rocking out and performing drum solos on the counter. It was often a party atmosphere there, with any number of visitors joining the actual DJs at the station, especially when their show happened to fall on a Friday evening.

As the year went on I got to know him better, both from his show and from swimmer and history social events. Not that this was a hard thing to do. He was one of the friendliest and most outgoing people I have ever met. He displayed such sheer energy and boundless, infectious enthusiasm for almost everything that it was impossible not to become his friend upon meeting him. On a side note, even that drive was not enough to overcome the discouraging presence of the Northfield Police at a nearby party when we had planned to set off fireworks in the middle of the night this past spring. Sadly we had to cancel the activity.

The true depth of Ted's generosity, compassion, and friendship can be seen in my experience this past June. The day after Commencement my car died in Indiana, just outside Chicago, on my way home. I spent the next day wandering a strip mall in Merrillville trying to get in touch with anyone I knew in Chicago. Having failed to reach a single person, I called Ted at about 8:00 that night and left a message. I knew he had undergone chemo that day so I had avoided calling him until all other options had been exhausted. Yet, despite undergoing treatment and feeling wiped out, he was one of two people to call me back. The most amazing thing was that he was so concerned with whether I was alright that he continuously dismissed my concerns about bothering him and how he was doing. Though I ended up not needing his help, it remains an incredibly touching exchange

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