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From Friend

September 29, 2006 at 2:49 pm

I don't even know where to begin. I have found that through all of the emotions that I have been feeling upon Ted’s passing, I am having trouble remembering certain moments in time (Andy Clark assures me that this will pass as my emotions settle). It's just that Ted was such a presence in my life and one moment doesn’t stand out in comparison to the next because every moment with Ted was so comfortable and so wonderful.

Ted is the most supportive and determined person I have ever met. He at the beginning of every race he would be in the zone. He would dive in and every stroke of his 500 would be as powerful as the next. At the end he would congratulate those around him (Ted always recognized other’s accomplishments) and then he would run to a garbage can to throw up! He seemed to be notorious for puking in practice and at meets but it just was a testament to how hard he worked. Outside of the pool, Ted was an incredible friend. He was always smiling and even when he was sick, he would always ask how I was doing before mentioning the troubles he was having.

I do remember that Ted attended graduation this past June and watched the class he had entered with, move on from Carleton. That in itself must have been so hard for a guy who was such an influential part of the class on 2006 and who so badly wanted to graduate from a place he truly loved. Of course, at the end of the ceremony Ted came up and congratulated me and the other swimmers I was with. I hugged him and I told him that I would see him again under the same circumstances next year when he graduated. I will be at graduation this year to celebrate Ted and all that he meant to Carleton. While he will not physically be there, I want to keep this promise that I made to Ted just as he would have done for me. I love you Ted.

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